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As an industry professional, homeowners rely on you to maintain the comfort and quality of their indoor environment. Growing sales of IAQ products are evidence that homeowners are seeking solutions for a healthier home. In response to this, we have created HEALTHY HABITS™ through HOMEFILTERS.COM to help you be the solutions provider. HEALTHY HABITS™ is a dynamic business model to strengthen your connection to your customers and enhance your image as an expert.

At HOMEFILTERS.COM we have over two decades of experience in manufacturing Indoor Air Quality products, and we are bringing that expertise together with yours to provide solutions for better Indoor Air Quality as well as energy savings.

What are the benefits?
Lets talk for a minute about Indoor Air Quality and what it really means. For your customer it means a healthy and energy-wise environment. For us, it’s all about the right filtration product to meet each individual need. Think about how much the filters you touch actually cost you. You have not only the product cost itself, but your costs in terms of warehouse space, time lost for ordering and pickup, as well as damage and wasted space on your vehicles. All of this translates to a very expensive filter. Our HEALTHY HABITS™ program will eliminate all of this so you can focus on what you do best.

Home Filters Benefits

Here are some more ways you will benefit
from this program:

  • Your name is always in front of your
    customer on the website and any email
    ads or promotions that are sent.
  • You get ongoing revenue from product sales that you don’t normally get after you leave the customer, including repeat business.
  • Since products are shipped directly to the homeowner, you have no carrying cost and more space available on your vehicles, and the right size is always available when you are making a maintenance call.
  • Sales opportunities for new and/or additional consumer products you offer.
  • Promotes annual maintenance services you offer as well as high-end products through our HEALTHY HABITS™ info page.

The bottom line is that this opens up a whole new market and provides an overall enhancement to your business through continuous marketing to your customers.

How It Works
Here is How it works
HEALTHY HABITS™ is a unique program which strengthens the connection between you and your customers. Homefilters.Com provides a set of online tools for your customers to purchase the right product for their home, as well as learn more about Indoor Air Quality and energy savings. What your customers see through this online program is the HOMEFILTERS.COM website branded with your company logo. Once they create their online account, this logo will always appear which keeps them constantly connected with you. Any email ads, change-out reminders, or other promotions will also bear your company logo. Any products they purchase (including repeat business) will generate revenue for you as well as savings and convenience
for the customer.

Simply put, HOMEFILTERS.COM is an extension of your business that is always in touch with your customers, promoting you, your services, and your expertise.


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