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MERV 13 AirShield Product Info:
MERV 13 AirShield
Helps Protect your HVAC Equipment Helps Eliminate Household Dust Helps Eliminate Airborne Viruses Helps Reduce Allergens Helps Eliminate Pet Hair & Dander Provides an Energy Savings over Retail Products Lasts Longer and reduces Waste

Sold in cases of 6 filter(s)

How Many Cases: 
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MERV 13 AirShield Product Info:
AirShield's High Capacity, extended surface pleated filters outperform ordinary furnace filters with medium efficiency which are designed for lower pressure drop, and long service life which reduces HVAC equipment maintenance and energy costs.

Feature: AirShield filters have much more media surface (more pleats) than other pleated filters.


  • Less Strain on your air handling equipment
  • Reduced Energy Costs
  • Holds more dust and lasts longer
  • Protects HVAC equipment from the effects of dirty air and reduces costly building maintenance.

Feature: Heavy duty, double frame construction. Heavy gauge wire reinforced pleats.


  • Prevents filter bowing or collapse, keeping dust from getting around the filter edge
  • Fits in most 1” residential wall or ceiling mount return grilles, or in the filter track of your Air handling unit.

Feature: Electrostatic, All Synthetic Media.


  • Actively grabs dust like a magnet
  • Won’t support microbial growth
  • Filtration up to 15 times more effective than a standard 1” filter. Captures particles as small as 0.3 microns*
  • Laboratory tested up to MERV 13 efficiency per ASHRAE 52.2 standard


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